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Welcome to NYSS Inc.

NYSS INc. Jewellery that makes you look and feel good!

Since the time of early civilizations, human beings have explored and discovered numerous spiritual and healing properties that are inherent in silver metal and gemstones. From intricate amulets designed to stay off negative forces to gem stones that attract power and wealth; silver and gemstone jewellery has always maintained an elevated status across all the world’s cultures.

NYSS Inc. collection of superior, sterling silver jewellery and gems are designed to harness the beautifying and therapeutic properties of these ancient metals and stones. Our collection features some of the rarest and highly sought after gems and precious stones, arranged in an intricately designed silver setting.

Whether you are searching for inner harmony, protection from negative energies or an improvement in your general well-being, our finely crafted gemstones, and silver jewellery will help you look and feel your best!

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