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Silver Or Golden Earrings - Which Goes Well With The Bridal Day?

Silver Or Golden Earrings - Which Goes Well With The Bridal Day?

06/07/2022 | Desiregem

Do you know which is the most special day for any bride? Well, it goes without saying that it is the day of the wedding. One thing which tends to bother each bride is the way they look and what kind of jewellery you should pair up as well. Bridal jewellery is much more different than any other variant of jewellery and usually, it is heavier as well. Although brides tend to wear a lot of items on their necks, usually for the earrings the choice is one and hence it has to be perfect.

There are two choices in this respect and you can either go with a dazzling pair of gold earrings and if not there is an option to go forth with the soothing silver option as well. 

You can get these from any wholesaler as well who provides wholesale sterling silver rings and that too in a much more affordable price range. 

Why Is Golden Jewellery a More Prominent Choice?


If we consider the population of India, one thing which can be said without a bit of doubt is that gold is loved by all and when we talk about wedding jewellery, specifically the earrings, it has to be gold in nature. 

Gold is one thing which has been a part of our culture from its inception and hence when we talk about an auspicious occasion like marriage, decking up the bride with gold jewellery is a very common practice. 

Even if many people choose to wear artificial gold jewellery for some accessories like the wristlet or even the hip cuffs, they choose to stick to gold earrings for the main occasion. 

Gold is also acknowledged by many people as an auspicious metal and hence wearing gold on such occasions is more of a mandate in most cases. 

Finally, it can also be said that in most cases we tend to bring forth the family heritage and hence most brides also choose to wear their family heirloom on such occasions. 

More than anything else, it is a display of the rich heritage they belong from and hence gold can easily be referred to as the ultimate choice for most brides irrespective of geographic boundaries. 

Most brides have their pair of gold earrings picked up for a long time and in most cases, it is gorgeous so that it makes your look much more special and unique from others. 

Does No One Wear Silver Bridal Jewellery?

This brings us to the most important question of the hour, does gold have to be the only choice when we pick up bridal earrings or do even silver earrings look good on brides? 

It can be said without a team of doubt that to do the preferences of most pride such as changing and even silver has been accepted with open arms. People are consciously choosing to shift from gold to silver and that is primarily because of the look as well as the affordability factor. We suggest that if you are a bride and want to see a stunning entry with bridal silver earrings, then it is better to go with your silver because it will make the look much more royal. 

You can also choose to mix and match it with a couple of stones which match your wedding outfit.  Not only that sterling silver is also a good choice and you can buy it from the 925 sterling silver rings wholesale sellers as well. 

To make your silver earrings stand out as a bride and look stunning, you can choose to pair them up with a beautiful wholesale sterling silver ring as well. These are quite easily available from the 925 sterling silver ring wholesale sellers.