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Is Any Jewelry 100% Pure?   

Is Any Jewelry 100% Pure?   

06/01/2022 | Desiregem

We often hear from different brands that they deal with 100% pure gold jewelry, pure platinum jewelry, or diamond jewelry. But, whether gold or platinum, or diamond, none of them are 100% pure jewelry. 


To make jewelry out of these metals, you need to mix some other metal to make it moldable. 


Only after that are these metals usable for jewelry-making purposes. Only silver is one of a kind metal element that has some uses in 100% pure form. 


Montana Agate Pendant
Montana Agate Pendant


We will discuss 100% pure silver jewelry, sterling silver jewelry, etc. 


What Are the Uses of 100% Pure Silver in Jewelry Making?


Pure silver is referred to as fine silver with an extremely lustrous white look. This metal has a purity of 99.9 % or more than that, and silver is extremely soft and delicate in its pure version. 


Still, this can be used in making a few fine silver ornaments such as pendants, earrings, and small other jewelry that don't have any rough uses. But this jewelry is very delicate and easily deformed or gets scratched. 


You can surely enqueue your silver jewelry supplier to make a fine silver ornament for you, but that won't be durable enough for long use and might get damaged or broken. 


Natural Picture Jasper Earrings
Natural Picture Jasper Earrings


For this reason, silver too has its alloy versions where different metals are mixed with it to make it more durable. 


The purest alloy silver version is called sterling silver which has a silver purity of 92.5%, and the rest of 7.5% is copper. 


This sterling silver is more durable and suitable for silver jewelry. Other versions of the silver alloy have even lower purities, for example, German silver, Russian silver, etc.  


But, jewelry made of these metals may fade its glow over time and create allergic reactions. 


Therefore, our advice is to ask for sterling silver whenever you consider buying some silver jewelry. 


Many reliable sterling silver jewelry suppliers will guide you better during your purchase.


How to Understand Silver Marking?


Fine silver has its following hallmarking stamp or impression - 999, 99.9, or .999. Etc. Starling silvers have the following hallmarking stamp or impression to identify them - 925, .925, 92.5, etc. 


These symbols stand for the percentage of silver purity in the article made of silver. For example, fine silver has 99.9% purity, and sterling silver has 92.5% purity. 


Padparadscha Sapphire Simulated Ring
Padparadscha Sapphire Simulated Ring


However, in many regions, the allowed percentage used in silver is greater than expected, but still, they are called sterling silvers. 


So, before you buy any sterling silver jewelry, you must inquire the sterling silver jewelry supplier about its marking and alloy percentage. 


How to Test Sterling Silver Purity?


To check whether the silver jewelry or article you have is sterling silver or not, you can run a small acid test on it at home. 


You have to take a small piece of silver out of that article you have and dip it into acid. 


If the color of the acid remains the same, that means the article has a purity of Sterling silver and has 92.5% silver in it. 


But if the color of the acid changes, that means the purity of the article is less than 92.5%. 


Hence it's not pure sterling silver. Your silver jewelry supplier may help you to conduct these tests. 


Before buying any sterling silver jewelry, you can surely take this test at your supplier's place or ask for the marking certificate so that they don't fool you. 


Impure silver jewelry may affect your skin and eventually change its color and look. Whereas sterling silver is hypoallergenic and suitable for longtime use.