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Wholesale Only - Min. Order $150

How To Find Loose Gemstone Jewelry at a Wholesale Rate?

How To Find Loose Gemstone Jewelry at a Wholesale Rate?

05/05/2022 | Desiregem

It is impossible to overstate the importance of gemstones, and it is considered one of the most scarce natural products. Cut, faceted, and polished gemstones, such as Sky Blue Topaz Oval Shape Loose Gemstone, can be used in jewelry design.


Since the most sought-after attribute in gemstones is their beauty or perfection, their appearance is the most important factor to consider while purchasing them. Color, unusual optical depth, an intriguing addition such as a rare fossil, and the structure of a natural crystal are all examples of beautiful or desired attributes.


Where Should You Look For Loose Gemstone Jewelry?


At Desiregem, we provide our customers with the greatest quality sterling silver jewelry and gemstone jewelry. If you're looking for a Wholesale Loose Gemstone Jewelry Supplier, go no further than us. 


Rhodochrosite Argentina and Garnet Necklace
Rhodochrosite Argentina and Garnet Necklace


As a sterling silver handmade jewelry supplier, we have a wealth of experience incorporating gemstones into our designs. Silver gemstone pendants and sterling silver rings are just a few of the many items we make and design for our customers.


Our store specializes in selling high-quality silver and gemstone jewelry to customers around the United States. Customers in New York looking for Natural Loose Gemstones manufacturers may rely on us to provide high-quality beaded and earring jewelry.


Have a Look at our Gemstone Collection


Desiregem has an outstanding collection of gemstone engagement rings for you to choose from when planning for your big day. Our assortment is embellished with our trademark finish. 


Faceted Pink Amethyst Ring
Faceted Pink Amethyst Ring


We've got you covered whether you're looking for a simple, trendy, yet classy look. There is a wide selection of loose gemstone jewelry in our store to allow you to express your individuality. The gemstones you can choose from include -


  • Lemon Quartz Cushion Cut Medium Loose Gemstone


  • Onyx


  • Wholesale tanzanite silver jewelry


  • Moonstone sterling silver jewelry 


You have the freedom to design your jewelry ensemble also. We carefully pick many items for our clients, and we make sure the entire supply chain runs smoothly.


It is a pleasure for Desiregem to create long-term connections with our customers. This will be our legacy in the jewelry-producing business: innovation and kindness are what we strive for. To attain quality gemstone and handcrafted jewelry purchasers, we use the art of giving back to the community as a foundation. Our passion for jewelry is contagious, so come and join us! Whether you're dressing up or down, we have the perfect jewelry.




To begin with, Desiregem welcomes you to their establishment, where we provide a wide selection of loose stones in various shapes and sizes. We also offer wholesale loose diamonds and birthstone jewelry, and natural gemstones and loose diamonds are available at wholesale pricing in this selection. In addition to a wide selection of loose diamonds and semi-precious gemstones in various shapes and sizes for sale on our website, you can also purchase healing crystals and gemstone cabochons directly from the producer of these items at best possible prices.