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Emerald Jewelry Ideas for Wholesale Jewelry Buyers

Emerald Jewelry Ideas for Wholesale Jewelry Buyers

02/04/2022 | Desiregem

If you’re a regular jewelry buyer, you may be interested in exploring the latest jewelry designs. The online silver jewelry market has flourished over the years, offering several opportunities to the buyers to impress their customer base with exclusive styles. Here, it’s relevant to share the contribution of gemstones in enhancing the shine of silver jewelry and how the market demands it.


Whether it’s precious gemstones or semi-precious ones, one cannot help but admire the value it brings to the gemstone silver jewelry market. Now that we are talking about shining crystals, we should turn the conversation around Emerald. It’s vibrant. This healing gemstone brings good luck, wealth, and prosperity to a wearer’s life. Its demand remains high throughout the year. 


Today, we will discuss a few Emerald jewelry ideas that you can consider while revamping your jewelry store. 


Emerald Pendants


Zambian Emerald Pendant SDP95201


Pendants look charming. Women walk miles to hunt the latest pendant design. And if they find it in the vicinity, it’s like hitting the jackpot. On the other hand, it becomes easy for a jewelry buyer to attract footfalls if they boast a collection of Emerald pendants. So, you should buy Emerald-embellished pendants decked in the beauty of 925 silver jewelry today. 


Emerald Earrings


Earrings are forever. The more pairs you have in your jewelry store, the more customers you can attract. At Desire Gem, you can find a wide selection of Emerald earrings in different shapes and sizes. We care to curate our jewelry range with precision. And if it’s Emerald, we know how to entice our regular buyers – by offering unmatched quality. 


Heart Emerald Simulated Earrings


The best thing about buying Emerald earrings from a trusted silver jewelry supplier is you can buy bulk quantities at wholesale prices. Finding exclusive designs is icing on the cake here. 


Emerald Rings


Emerald Simulated Ring


The market for silver rings is booming. It’s that piece of jewelry that entices a large segment of buyers. Silver gemstone rings are inexpensive. That’s why buyers consider bulk purchasing it. We specialize in 925 silver jewelry, and Emerald rings are among our best-selling products. It’s every buyer’s delight for a reason. We design it with care, knowing that our buyers won’t settle for anything but the best quality. 


Beaded Jewelry


Other than stocking Emerald silver jewelry in your store, you should eye on keeping a collection of beaded jewelry. Yes. Beaded necklaces are so in trend these days. It has got a separate fan base. If you want to delight your loyal customers, you should offer them a range of beaded jewelry. This way, your jewelry store will have a variety. 


While buying gemstone silver jewelry, you should consider several factors. You should know about the quality, curation, safety stamp, and the latest designs. It’s better to work with a trusted gemstone silver jewelry manufacturer. It assures you of a convenient shopping experience, and you can get friendly deals on bulk purchasing. 


Desire Gem is a leading 925 silver jewelry manufacturer and supplier. You can stock up a range of quality sterling silver rings, earrings, pendants, necklaces, and bracelets embellished with beautiful gemstones. 


We aim at establishing lasting relationships with our buyers: it pushes us to innovate further. So, you can count on us for all your jewelry needs. We will be happy to help.