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Wholesale Only - Min. Order $150

Buy Sterling Silver Rings at Wholesale Price in 2022

Buy Sterling Silver Rings at Wholesale Price in 2022

05/19/2022 | Desiregem

Silver has been an important part of society long before gold was properly introduced. Be it Jewelry or Coins, Silver was important. However, as the years went by, the demand decreased slowly as gold took precedence.


In recent years, the demand for Silver has been on the rise again, especially in the jewelry market. The young generation is more interested in the aesthetic designs that silver Jewelleries offer. 


But there is always an issue with the quality of Silver. Many people see the design of the silver jewelry and buy them and later regret it. It is said that Sterling Silver is the best for Jewelry purposes. Let's look at the things people should look for while buying wholesale Sterling Silver Rings.


5 Things to Check before Buying Sterling Silver Rings


Inspect the Price


Try checking the current price of Sterling Silver in the market before going to any shop. It'd give you a baseline to understand the possible price of the ring. Since Sterling Silver is pretty expensive, the ring's price should be on the higher side.


Natural Amethyst - Brazil Ring
Natural Amethyst - Brazil Ring


If the price is unexpectedly low, please refrain from buying. Be aware of discount sales as well as it often results in fake Silver or scams.


Talk to the Seller


Talking to a seller or shop owner before buying jewelry is always good as you can ask many otherwise impossible questions. It is within your right to get to know the product properly before buying. 


Especially if you are buying from a local shop instead of a brand, ask about the breakup in prices, such as the actual price of the Silver being considered, making charges, taxes levied, etc. Only buy if you are satisfied with the pricing.


Look for Silver Grade Specifications or Hallmarks


Like Gold, Silver has its purity ratings issued by the BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards). It has been in circulation since 2005. 


Pink Tourmaline Rough Ring
Pink Tourmaline Rough Ring


As per BIS, people should look for 4 things in a hallmark on Silver Jewelleries; BIS Logo, Purity Grade, Hallmarking Center's Identification Mark, and Jeweler's Identification Mark. 


BIS has removed the year of hallmarking from 2017 onwards. People need to carefully check the above information while buying jewelry from any Silver Jewelry Manufacturer. Please refrain from buying if they offer any silver jewelry without hallmarking it.


Silvers of grades 999, 9995 & 9999 are considered Fine Silver and can be bought as Coins or Bars. From 990 to 925, Silver is considered Jewelry quality, and sterling Silver will be imprinted with 925 or 92.5 to mark its authenticity. Be on the lookout for these signs.


Perform Physical Tests


There are certain Physical tests you can perform to test for authentic Silver. Don't worry. Your jewelry would be safe. The first one is a Magnet Test. Silver is not a magnetic metal. So if it gets stuck to a magnet easily, it is likely to be a fake.


You can perform a Sound Test as well. Try hitting the alleged silver ring with another metal tool. The Silver is real if you hear a high-pitched ringing sound and vibration that lasts a few seconds. 


If the tune is duller or deeper, it indicates the metal to be copper or steel alloys.


You can do an oxidation test, but it will disfigure the ring's beauty, so it is not recommended. 


Get an Appraisal


Still, if you are not satisfied with the ring's authenticity, please get it appraised by experts at your convenience. 


But most likely, you will have to pay the fee for the appraisal. So if you are serious about buying only authentic Silver, this is a good option to follow through.


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