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About Us

About Us

NEW YORK STONE AND SILVER INC.is manufacturers of Artisan handmade 925 Sterling Silver Gemstone Jewelry and Semi-precious Stones. We designed Jewelry to reflect the things that are important in life. Our designs are timeless and their appeal universal. We believe that when you look good, you feel even better, which is why we encourage every woman to express her individual style. We are manufacturer, exporters and wholesale suppliers of handcrafted 925 sterling silver jewelry. We bring you widest array of jewelry at the affordable Wholesale price range. For the connoisseurs, there are fine jewels, curated collections, handcrafted to perfection with authentic one-of-a-kind Gemstone which gives every piece of jewelry uniqueness. All of our Jewelry is Lead-free and Cadmium free.

NEW YORK STONE AND SILVER INC. is an innovative consumer brand creating contemporary Jewelry and accessories that enable self-expression and celebrate beauty, grace, and positivity in our world. We design our products for personal storytelling in an era in which individuality reigns; our name reflects independence as we believe people are happiest when they are true to themselves and are proud of who they are.


We design and create Jewelry for people who ‘Choose Happy’. Who wholeheartedly embrace the different sides of their personalities and celebrate the little things that make them unique and special. With New York Stone and Silver Inc. Jewelry, we strive to create a timeless and emotional connection with our customers, to create pieces that are reminiscent of happy memories or special milestones of their lives. For us, jewelry is not just an accessory you find pretty--it always means something. If we can bring a smile to our customers’ faces or create a unique accessory that becomes their special, favorite item that is loved and cherished over the years, we believe we’ve done our job well. 


Every new collection we bring to the market is a celebration, carefully thought out and as unique as the people wearing it. We believe in reviving our rich culture to find expression in Jewelry for the modern generations. Our pieces are wearable storytelling items. So some are earthy, some are spiritual, some are elegant and alluring and some are quirky and fun. Whether you are looking for simple and classy pieces for office wear or choosing statement pieces for occasion wear or maybe you’re looking for thoughtful gifts for friends or family--we offer an elegance that not only complements your wardrobe but also your personality. 


At New York Stone and Silver Inc., we strongly believe that environmental damage should not be a price we pay--why create something beautiful if it leaves behind something ugly? We recognize that green fashion is a necessity and that it is our responsibility to consciously strive towards reducing waste and incorporating eco-friendly practices throughout our processes. We aspire to deliver excellence and delightful experiences, not just at the time of delivery but throughout our supply chain and thus work with NGOs to adopt up-cycled and recycled materials into our packaging processes, reducing our waste footprint.  


NEW YORK STONE AND SILVER INC. Jewelry is inspired and rooted in tradition and is a narrative of the efforts and hard work put in by our designers and artisans towards creating meaningful unique items that will be cherished for years to come. Our collections are proudly imagined, designed and handcrafted in India, even as we spread our wings across the globe, delivering innovative and interesting Jewelry to customers all over the world.


Our Values

NEW YORK STONE AND SILVER INC. is for women, by women.

We strive to make women happier, more confident and more comfortable with our products and through our company. Our team is made up of talented women who design our jewelry and help us make it available to our customers, and for all of the steps in between.

We value our environment and we work hard to use upcycled, recycled and eco-friendly products wherever possible in our supply chain.

We also value the human connection we all share. Our team is always searching for partners who can help us deliver against our core objective to serve our customers, while at the same time advancing opportunities for Indian craftspersons and giving support to those in need.

We value our customers and we welcome your ideas and suggestions. About our products and about our business. Should you have something to share

Our Promise

At NEW YORK STONE AND SILVER INC., we strive to make people happier, more confident and more comfortable with expressing themselves and choosing our products. We know you have many options to choose from each day and we want to be the brand that you trust; the brand you can always count on.


We built the New York Stone and Silver Inc. brand some basic human tenets that we believe every brand should embrace:

1.    Be truthful.

2.    Deliver high quality.

3.    Protect our world.

4.    Care for our community.


We want you to be confident that the choice you have made with New York Stone and Silver Inc. is an excellent one. To this end, it is our promise to you that what you see is what you get. Our product descriptions are accurate. Our images are a true representation of the product. 


You can trust that any piece of jewelry you purchase from us will be made to the highest quality possible using the materials we have outlined in the product details. We know that extra attention to detail costs a bit more because we pay our karigaars a bit more for that extra focus and intricate detail work. But it’s worth it!


We also promise to follow industry best practices to deliver a convenient, respectful and hassle-free experience to our customers. Every step we take has our customers’ best interests in mind as a top priority.


At New York Stone and Silver Inc., we value our environment and our earth. We try our level best to reduce the waste footprint of e-commerce operations. As such, we work hard to use upcycled, recycled and eco-friendly products wherever possible in our supply chain. Our gift boxes and pouches are designed for reuse and incorporate recyclable materials.


It is important to us to earn your trust and to continue to deserve it, with our every interaction. We value our customers and we welcome your ideas and suggestions. About our products and about our business. Should you have something to share, please