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Payment Info

Forms of Payment:

At Desire Gems, we accept Visa, American Express, Master Card and PayPal as forms of payment. At this time, we are only able to accept Credit Cards NOT Debit Cards.

Additional Information about Credit Cards:

The customer paying for the order must have the same name as the title stated on the credit card. You must have your Credit Verification Number (CCV) handy while making your purchase. This number is listed on the rear of the credit card near the signature strip. On American Express Cards, this is posted on the front. A CCV number is necessary when making your purchase from our online portal. The order must be placed by the cardholder.


If you wish to make a purchase with a Debit Card, please refer to the PayPal method. You must create an account and choose the appropriate payment option. Once you have agreed to their terms and conditions, you can enter your Debit Card details. Then you can continue with our checkout process.

Payment Security:

Desire Gems ensures customers that we protect all online transactions from fraud using SSL Secured features. This enables us to safeguard all your credit and debit transactions.