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At Desire Gems, we use the finest quality of precious metals to create our signature jewelry collection.

This guide will develop your understanding of the types of metal we use and why we use them.

Sterling Silver

This is the standard base material used to create silver jewelry. Sterling silver is more than 90% pure and is often mixed with additional alloys to increase its durability and strength. Silver is long-lasting and will not wear down.

In its original form, pure silver is very soft and malleable, making it highly susceptible to damage. Additional metal alloys are thus added to increase its strength. Sterling silver consists of 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper. Although the latter percentage may include any type of metal; copper has been found to be the most compatible.

Silver Quality Stamp

At Desire Gems, every piece of our high-quality silver jewelry is marked with a “quality” stamp. This is a requirement under federal law. It denotes the presence of precious metal in the jewelry. The stamp also includes our registered trademark. This means you are purchasing a genuine, quality silver product. The .925 mark is an example of this quality stamp.

Why is sterling silver used to make our jewelry?

Pure silver is a highly soft and malleable material. When alloys like copper are added, it transforms the material to sterling silver. Although still malleable, the addition of an alloy increases the durability of your jewelry piece.


Gold is one of the most recognized and valued precious metals in the world. It is an enduring element that naturally occurs in yellow color. Gold is valued because it naturally resists tarnishing, corrosion and rust. Even though gold is quite strong, it is one of the most malleable precious metals.


Stainless steel is an increasingly popular choice in fashion jewelry and especially in men’s jewelry. It has a silvery, bright finish that is resistant to tarnishing. Due to its non-reactive surface and hypoallergenic finish, stainless steel jewelry is ideal for wearing on a daily basis.

Currently, there are over 150 varieties of stainless steel. Each form contains some chromium and nickel. All stainless steel jewelry is made from one particular form of steel alloy called 316L steel. This form contains minimal amounts of carbon and high concentrations of chromium.