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Jewelry Care


At Desire Gems, we want you to look and feel beautiful with your gemstone jewelry for many years to come. To ensure that this happens, we’re providing you with important jewelry care tips as we read.

How to care for Sterling Silver Jewelry?

Silver is a soft metal that can easily scratch. Always use a 100% cotton cloth and gently rub away excess makeup or dirt. You can also opt for a special silver cleaning cloth or baby tooth brush. Coarse fabrics, paper, and polyester materials must be avoided as these will leave scratches on the surface. In addition, avoid using silver dips to remove the oxidation that occurs with silver jewelry. Store all your sterling jewelry items in a plastic bag or jewelry box. 

How to care for Gemstones?

Even though gemstones are as hard as rocks, inclusions can weaken their structure. Consider the following care tips:

  1. Avoid wearing gemstone jewelry while exercising, washing dishes, taking a bath or any activity that brings the jewelry in direct contact with water.
  2. When removing your gemstone ring, avoid pulling it off by holding the stone. This may loosen the gem from its fasting.
  3. Store each piece of gemstone jewelry separately. Avoid throwing everything together in a heap. Since gems are harder than metals like gold, platinum, and silver, it will scratch the finish.
  4. Rings are prone to dirt and grime accumulation on the back. To clean, simply use a gentle soap and soak in water. Use a bowl instead of the sink to prevent the ring from falling into the sink.
  5. You may use a soft-bristled infant toothbrush to clean behind the gemstone.
  6. After rinsing off the soap, pat dry on a lint-free, cotton cloth.
  7. Avoid using ultrasonic cleansers for emeralds, pearls, peridots and opals.
  8. Organic gemstones such as coral, amber, and pearl are porous and soft, so they are best cleaned with a moist cloth. The same rule applies for turquoise, lapis lazuli and malachite.
  9. Cosmetics, perfumes, hairsprays and cleansers with ammonia are particularly damaging to opals.


Your sterling silver gemstone jewelry is a special purchase. You can maintain its unique and flawless appearance with our jewelry care tips.