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We are proud to offer sterling silver jewelry made from some of the finest gemstones in the world. But don’t just take our word for it!

Every gemstone in our collection has passed four essential parameters of fine gemstone quality. By understanding how to gauge these parameters, you will be able to make purchases with confidence.

The four parameters of a good gemstone are:

 1. Color

The purity of the hue, color saturation, and tone depth determines a gemstone’s color. A stone that exhibits lots of saturation, with minimal hints of other color variations and is neither too dark nor too light is considered a good color. Most gemstones are treated to enhance their colors. Some of the most popular methods are heating and irradiation.

2. Clarity

Since a gemstone is a natural stone, it will contain some inclusions. To find a flawless gemstone is very rare and extremely expensive. Even the best gemstones have slight to moderate inclusions. Some stones such as emeralds are always treated with a wax, resin or colorless oil to minimize the occurrence of inclusions.

3. Cut

With gemstones, there isn’t an ideal shape or cut that will bring out the stone’s maximum brilliance. The best gemstone cut is one that shows the least number of inclusions, the most uniform level of color and showcases the stone’s weight when set in a sterling base.

4. Size

The weight of a particular gemstone is not the best way to gauge the size of a gemstone. Every piece is set in a base which partially hides some of the gemstones. At Desire Gems, we list the diameter of every gemstone to help you determine the actual size.